Costa cappuccinos have five times as much caffeine as Starbucks

Feb 1, 2023 | Food and Drink | 0 comments

A recent study has uncovered that a cup of cappuccino from the popular UK coffee chain, Costa, has almost five times more caffeine compared to one from Starbucks. This intriguing finding was brought to light by the Swiss company, Healthy Safety Group, which meticulously evaluated the caffeine content in cappuccinos served by the top coffee chains in the United Kingdom. They discovered that a Costa cappuccino packs around 195 milligrams of caffeine, while Starbucks’ only has about 40 milligrams.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant often used to enhance alertness and concentration. It’s also a common ingredient in energy drinks and similar beverages to amp up their effects. But don’t forget, drinking too much caffeine can have adverse health effects. This includes things like a rapid heartbeat, feeling anxious, and getting jittery.

Costa, standing as the biggest coffee chain in the UK, is loved for its broad array of coffee drinks. Customers especially adore Costa’s cappuccino for its rich, robust flavor packed with caffeine. According to Costa, they achieve this unique taste using a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which are famous for their high caffeine content.

But Starbucks takes a different approach. Their cappuccinos are made with a lighter roast, and they also offer an assortment of other coffee-based drinks, including decaffeinated and low-caffeine options for those who prefer to keep their caffeine levels in check.

While the caffeine-rich cappuccino at Costa may delight some caffeine-lovers, it’s crucial to remember the possible health risks related to consuming too much caffeine. If you’re worried about your caffeine consumption, don’t hesitate to chat with your doctor or another health care expert.

In summary, the Healthy Safety Group’s study revealed that Costa’s cappuccino has almost five times the caffeine content compared to Starbucks’. While some folks might appreciate this caffeine boost, it’s vital to consider the health implications of consuming too much caffeine. If you have any concerns about your caffeine intake, a healthcare professional is a good person to speak to.

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